25 Best Weed Eater Brands for 2020: Know Before Buy

best weed eater brands

From time to time, we need to clean our front and backyard. And when you are finally ready to clean them, you are faced with a very difficult situation. And that is getting rid of the weeds. It?s one of the toughest parts of the cleaning. But we are here to make things easier for … Read more

21 Different Types of Sanders Explained With Pictures for 2020

different types of sanders

Gone are the days when people used to use only sandpapers for the sanding task. These days you have different types of sanders (both electrical sanders and hand sanders) to do different types of sanding, polishing, etc. Different sanders work differently and serve different purposes. You will be amazed at how easy it is to … Read more

Fiskars Hookaroon Reviews for 2020: A Top-quality Brand Rated

fiskars hookaroon reviews

Let?s focus on the best hookaroon in today?s market. Running a fully-functional bed and breakfast is no easy feat, and I burn 6 or more cords of wood yearly for heat. The increased medical insurance rates for my workers who often suffered from back issues got me wondering if there was a way to make … Read more

Top 5 Best Hookaroon and Pickaroon Reviews in 2020: Buyer’s Guide

best hookaroon reviews

I wish I knew about hookaroons earlier before I found myself in a chiropractic care plan that involves seeing my practitioner two times each week. It’s my chiropractor that introduced me to this wonderful tool. My back issues stem from all the bending, lifting, and log dragging I used to do all summer. From all … Read more

4 Main Different Torque Wrench Types Explained by Real User

Torque Wrench Types

Have you ever thought of tightening or loosening nuts and bolts without using a wrench? I’m sure you use a wrench to do those tasks. A torque wrench comes in handy when you want to know the amount of torque that you are applying. Fortunately, you will find different torque wrench types out there, and … Read more

How to Cut Wood Without a Saw Using Other Wood Cutting Tools

How to cut wood without a saw

If you are thinking that using a saw is the be-all and end-all of woodcutting, think again. Say ‘Hi’ to 9 more tools that you can use to cut tools in different shapes. In this particular guide, I will tell you how to cut wood without a saw using different wood cutting tools. After describing … Read more

Spokeshave vs Drawknife: Differences Explained by Real User

Spokeshave vs Drawknife

For a dedicated woodworker, having a decent selection of tools is a must. Drawknives and spokeshaves have so many things in common that this makes it challenging to choose which one between the two is ideal for your projects. If you are like most woodworkers, you will use the two tools interchangeably. Still, is the … Read more

Cant Hook vs Peavey: Differences Explained by Real User

Cant Hook vs Peavey

We can all agree that logger’s tasks are impossible to perform if you lack the right tools. During a logging project, a lot of lifting, hauling, and moving takes place; and having a peavey or a cant hook can make your work much more comfortable. For the dedicated woodworker, choosing between these tools can be … Read more

Dead Blow Hammer vs Rubber Mallet: Key Differences Explained

dead blow hammer vs rubber mallet

Wanna know the difference between the dead blow hammer and the rubber mallet? Well, you have come to the right place! Because we are gonna help you distinguish between them.? I am fully aware that it?s easy to get confused while choosing between the two.? Because they are similar in many ways, and they are … Read more