How to Use Polymeric Sand: Everything You Need to Know

How to Use Polymeric Sand

The way to apply polymeric sand is not a hard job by any means. But wait. Here is the caveat! You must have to do it right following some precautionary steps to avoid an unsuccessful installation. What if you had done everything right, but all of a sudden, a heavy rainfall came and would have … Read more

Polymeric Sand VS Regular Sand for Pavers

Polymeric Sand VS Regular Sand for Pavers

Polymeric sand vs regular sand for pavers is undoubtedly a point of debate. However, it?s not hard by any means to solve the puzzle. Hi, in this article, I?m going to clear the air by discussing paving sands, its two major types (polymeric sand and regular sand) with their uses. Finally, I will tell which … Read more

The 8 Best Concrete Paver Sealer Reviews in 2020!

Concrete Paver Sealer Reviews

Concrete pavers are attractive, eye-catching, and at the same time very expensive construction. No matter how high-quality pavers you have on the walkways, still, it can be damaged due to water absorption and weather issues. If you are thinking about getting a sealant to protect them from damage, you are in the right place. Among … Read more

5 Best Paver Sealer Natural Look Reviews in 2020

Best Paver Sealer Natural Look

If you are highly concerned with how your house looks, you probably also give equal importance to the walkways and patios as you give to the interior. It takes a considerable amount of money to make paver walkways. As the pavers are always exposed under direct sunlight and take human and vehicle traffic, you need … Read more

Gorilla Glue Vs Super Glue Vs Krazy Glue

Gorilla Glue Vs Super Glue Vs Krazy Glue

Gorilla glue Vs Super glue Vs Krazy glue – which one is the best? Well, it?s a moot point. Nevertheless, I?m not going to sit on the fence here. In this article, I?m going to discuss in detail about Gorilla glue uses with pros and cons, Krazy glue uses with its upside and downside, and … Read more

Paving Types Variation Explained By Experts

paving types variation

Things were easy when it used to exist solely rather than having so much variation! Isn?t it? Just like that, you have numerous paving types that convey the curiosity to acknowledge everything about it and clarify the confusion. You may already know about pavers, which are also known as concrete sealers. These pavers are applied … Read more

Best Paver Sealers for a Wet Look: Reviews for 2020[Updated]

best paver sealers for wet look

While choosing the best paver sealers for a wet look, the first and foremost task for you is to choose the best option based on your paving type. Not only paving type but also you need to decide whether you should go for a solvent-based paver sealer or a water-based paver sealer. Some sealants offer … Read more