Poulan Chainsaw Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

Are you searching for the best Poulan Chainsaw? Do you want to make your cutting experience easier? So, here is the right place to get the necessary information you are looking for.

It is amazing that the Poulan Pro chainsaw’s engine can deliver extra power with less emissions. There are some electric and gas-powered models that would certainly fit in your budget range.

In this Poulan chainsaw reviews, we have talked about corded, cordless, and gas-powered models. It would be easier to choose a better option for you if you don’t skip any part. So, let’s get started and what the manufacturer has to offer.

Take a look on our top recommended Poulan Chainsaws at a glance:

  1. Poulan Pro PRCS16i, 16 in. 58-Volt Cordless Chainsaw
  2. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  3. Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  4. Poulan PL3816, 16 in. 33cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

What Is Poulan Pro And What Are The Types Of It?

The Pro Chainsaw series from this brand is a well-known name that offers high-quality saws for both commercial and non-commercial use. The selected saws in this article are the higher-end version of the production line and comes with great value for money.

Simply, it is a dependable saw series that can be your helpful companion. You may ask, are Poulan chainsaws any good? The answer is: yes. Because of what the saws offer to its consumers, which are its power and useful features.

The types of chainsaws in this article includes:

1. Battery-Powered

2. Gas-Powered

Best Poulan Chainsaw Reviews

1. Best Electric: Poulan Pro PRCS16i, 16 in. 58-Volt Cordless Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PRCS16i is one of the best Electric Chainsaw in 58V battery series. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the power 5.2 Ah. We choose this item as our top pick as 58V battery provides a bolt of power and convenience.

We have already known that PRCS16i features 58V, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion battery which provides you with ample strength and reduces extra harmful emissions. The saw also has a 16-inch bar and chain which enables to tackle jobs of every single size.

The electric saw features a brushless motor which provides increased power, performance and efficiency and extended runtime. It also supplies exceptional engine durability and life. Operating this item is easy as it has instant push-button starting.

This 16†saw also includes integrated power boost technology along with built-in power meter, so it’s easy to monitor power usage. It has simple chain tensioning, with no tools required. It provides impressive features like automatic bar and chain oiler and Onboard metal bucking spikes grip that reduces the chance of dangerous kick-back, if chain binds.

Is this the best bet?

Off course, you would be amazed that it has an extraordinary LED chain brake alert notifier. By this notifier, you can always know when the chain brake in on. This extra feature lead customer to purchase this product.

Again, it has handle-mounted, easy-to-view battery power level indicator to alert when it’s time to recharge. It inhibits running out of power in the mid-time of work.

???? Pros:
  • Hassle-free;
  • Decent runtime;
  • Battery power indicator;
  • Tool-less tensioning;
???? Cons:
  • It could be a little bit expensive.

Summary: This saw is completely battery-powered but has the drive and force to match any of the popular gas-powered models on the market. Moreover, the PRCS16i is a good value and an excellent option for a mid-sized saw. Based on the Poulan Pro 16 chainsaw reviews ratings, you can rely on this one.

2. Best Gas: Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

PR5020 is gas-powered with 50cc 2-cycle engine. The bar length of the product is 20 Inch. We pick to overview this product as it has Oxypower engine technology for extra power. It also has Duralife engine for unbeatable performance.

The Oxypower engine technology not only gives extra power, but also 70% fewer emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption. Again, PR5020 has an effortless pull starting system that reduces pull force 30% for easier starting.

It is easy to use, handle and maintain with convenient side adjust chain tensioning. Combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, which is always there when you need it for maintenance.

The another, the feature is Purge bulb, which provides the Poulan Pro chainsaw carburetor with fuel and makes the product easier to start. It also reduces the risk of damage.

Should I go for this gas-powered chainsaw?

Yes, because this best gas-powered saw offers user-friendly combined choke/stop control. It allows faster starting and more excellent reliability which reduces the risk of engine flooding.

Moreover, PR5020 has double post chain brake, which increases safety by right-hand activation as well automatically by inertia. However, in Poulan chainsaw reviews 18 in, we found out that increased power of it may cause heat up quicker than that of other models.

???? Pros:
  • Reduced wear on starter mechanism
  • Anti-vibration system for max comfort
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Requires fewer pulls
  • Tool-less service access
???? Cons:
  • Power outworks the chain

Summary: PR5020 is built with the larger 50cc DuraLife engine so that it will work hard. Moreover, the handle of it also reduces vibration and user fatigue. This product is ideal for general property management and firewood cutting.

3. Most Popular Gas-Powered: Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Here, PR4218 also has the gas-powered engine. It basically focuses on strength. It includes 42cc 2-cycle Duralife gas engine with 18 Inch bar. This product is the perfect choice for doing big jobs, along with a strong engine.

The Poulan Pro 18†chainsaw has OxyPower patented technology that has incredible power with efficient fuel consumption and reduced harmful emissions. This product features 18 Inch bar and chain which we can use for cross-cutting, lambing, storm clean-up, felling and moreover, cutting firewood. It’s 42cc double-cycle engine provides enormous power for tough jobs.

The Poulan Pro chainsaw PR4218 has Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) which reduces pulling effort by up to 30%. It offers standard chain tensioning that allows secure and easy tensioning.

Does the runner-up model have more features?

Yes, this lightweight saw has impressive additional features like Super clean centrifugal air filter system, it reduces debris reaching the air filter for less maintenance and longer life engine.

More than this, it also features an automatic gear-driven oiler which keeps bar and chain lubricated, reducing wear and minimizing maintenance need. The PR4218 has an ergonomic design with an advanced anti-vibration system for superior comfort and minimal user fatigue. It also has an inertia-activated chain brake.

???? Pros:
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Easy to adjust chain tension
  • Anti-vibrant
  • Comfortable to handle with ergonomically designed handles
  • Stopped chain automatically
???? Cons:
  • Poorly made casing


If you are looking for the best value in these top chainsaws, then look into the Poulan chainsaw reviews 16 in that comes with a case.

4. Best Budget: Poulan PL3816, 16 in. 33cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

The PL3816 is also a gas-powered saw with 38cc, double engine. It is equipped with 16 Inch steel bar and chain. We are doing Poulan Pro 16 inch chainsaw reviews as it is a budget-friendly option.

Same as the previous two models, it also has OxyPower technology. It includes a super clean filtering system which provides a longer air filter, and reduces fuel consumption while maintaining power.

This gas-powered model also has automatic gear-driven oiler that keeps the bar and chain lubricated. It also comprises vibration handle minimizing operator. By the way, PL3816 has primer bulb which draws fuel into the Poulan Pro chainsaw carburetor to make the engine easier to start.

Does the budget-friendly chainsaw have quality issues?

No, cheap doesn’t have to define a lack of quality. It has the same features as the previous and works effectively. According to some reviews, PL3816 model shows a great performance in the field.

???? Pros:
  • Easy to operate;
  • Automatic oiler;
  • Light in weight;
  • Affordable;
  • Super clean filtration system.
???? Cons:
  • It might not run in full speed after cranking.


In this Poulan Pro 16 Inch chainsaw reviews, we know, besides its excellent features and specifications, PL3416 is also an affordable patrol saw that you will find irresistible to buy. If you intend to have a chainsaw for your personal home use, you can have this since it’s well-constructed and backed by a 1-year warranty.

What To Consider While Buying A Poulan Chainsaw

Before buying a motor saw, you should consider some things which can lead you to buy the effective saw. There would be many things to consider; it is a very confusing issue.

But don’t worry, for your convenience we pick some points that you will consider while buying one. The following points can help you understand our Poulan chainsaw reviews in a better way.

1. Purpose of buying the Chainsaw

Why have you decided to buy a chainsaw? That’s the most crucial question. For experiencing a smooth job, you need to sure that which kind of work you’re dealing.
If you’ll delimb large branches or you are going to fell medium/large-sized trees, then gas-powered saws are the best bid for you. Similarly, bucking small or medium-sized trees, a role played nicely by the gas-powered saws.

2. Size of The Bar

The bar length of chainsaws should be chosen based on what sort of chore you deal with. The largest bar is not the one, that is the best. Every work required a specific size of the bar.

3. Size of The Engine

In cases of gas-powered chainsaws, the size of the engine or motor is measured in cubic centimetres. One basic thing is that the higher the cc the chainsaw has, the greater power it’ll provide. We see some cheaper models include an engine that becomes warm quickly, but these ones are pretty a good option if you focus on the engine of any tool.

4. Portability

The purpose of your purchase much depends on where do you work. If you are into stuff where you are bound to take your chainsaws towards different locations, then, it has to be portable and easy to carry.

While working in woodland areas, you may go for gas-powered chainsaws. Contrarily, electric chainsaws are the best options if you live in suburbs where people are sensitive to noise.

5. Price

Squandering all your riches on a tree-cutting tool isn’t certainly something that anyone prefers to do. You can splash out tons of riches for purchasing a chainsaw, but it’s not worth anything. The range of your desired model greatly depends on what sort of features you are looking for.

6. Vibration

If you have dealt with a heavy-duty, vibrating tool previously, you know how cumbersome it is to handle for long hours. If you feel irritating to deal with this, you may look for some other brands that have manufactured your need on their priority list.

7. Safety Measures

If you go through some Youtube videos, you’ll understand why we’re pointing out this fact individually. Working with a chainsaw is not safe enough is no less than a deadly shot. So, you should prefer those brands that can assure your sound health and hazard-proof operation.

How To Clean And Maintain A Poulan Chainsaw?

As the chainsaws are operated for long hours, they need some cleaning and proper maintenance. Here, we will discuss the procedure of its maintenance


These cutting beasts’ Premium Bar and Chain oil provide the perfect viscosity to improve the operation and life of the saw’s chain. There is an automatic oil system which ensures the fuel tank will run out before the chain oil. It also prevents the chainsaw from running out of oil and getting overheated.

Sharpen Your Chain

It is essential to keep your chain sharp. A dull chain can be dangerous and cause the tool to kick-back unexpectedly. You can either purchase a chain sharpener or have a speciality shop sharpen your chain for a small fee. Also, keep in mind, the bar length will determine the chain length you will need.


Keep the appliance clean by wiping any excess lubricating oil or fuel that may have been spilt while filling. It will help to prevent damage to the chainsaw or risk of injury associated with flammable liquids.

Chain Tension

Check the tension of the chain before each use and periodically while in use. Do this by loosening the bar nuts on the clutch cover and turning the quick-adjust clockwise while pulling the tip of the bar upwards.

A Tip: You must never adjust a chain while your chainsaw is running or hot!

Air Filter

Regular maintenance of the air filter will help to ensure that the chainsaw is running at top performance.

Clean the filter by brushing or shaking it. If the filter needs a deeper clean, it can be cleaned with water and mild soap but should be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry before returning the filter to its position.

About The Brand: Poulan

The origin of Poulan Pro is back to Shreveport, Louisiana, where the Poulan Saw Co. was founded in 1946 by veteran lumberjack Claude Poulan. The company first manufactured two-person saws. It was among the first brands to recognize the features that appealed to casual users.

Until the early 1950s when the company became a respected name among U.S. loggers. They thanks to a series of remarkably fast, powerful, and innovative one-person chainsaws, with 70 years of experience, the manufacturer today stands by the legacy of high performance, durability, and quality.

The brand focuses on developing innovative, robust products that meet the needs of the Power Performer. Also, you don’t have to worry about Poulan Pro chainsaw parts as they are available in both online and offline shops.


We have done our part by completing the Poulan Pro chainsaw review. And now, it is totally up to you. It is trustworthy brand according to its thousands of customers. Again, Poulan chainsaw reviews ratings are also very excellent.

So, be ready to saw like knifing through butter.