Hey there, this is John Patterson residing in Texas, USA, a passionate blogger ( I think) and a handyman (both my wife and I believe).

Playing with different hand tools to do some DIY stuff is my hobby.

However, I hate using any tool that doesn’t satisfy me fully.

Yes, you guessed it right. I’m a bit fussy in this regard.

I don’t mind if you are not like me.

But in case you are as particular like me, then this website may come into a great answering machine to most of your questions.

It’s not an easy task to maintain a blog regularly besides my busy daily life. But I make it happen.

What Type of Info Should You Expect from This Site?

In short, on this particular website, I am reviewing various hand tools and power tools for other handyman enthusiasts like you.

Why so?

So that you know the upsides and downsides of each of the tools, their features, it will fit for your needs or not, etc.

I will be listing the top products of different brands that I believe are currently dominating the market.

Not to mention, I will also deal with the quality products from non-dominating brands.

That’s not all!

Besides the product review articles, I will be throwing some helpful tutorial based articles. Of course, I will describe the procedures step by step so that you can understand the whole process effortlessly.

Will I be Biased Towards Any Brand?

No, not at all.

I will not be biased towards any particular brand. I will focus on the quality and usability of the products instead.

My aim is to provide you the information on the products so that you can decide if that product is ok for you or not regardless of the brand.

None of the brands are sponsoring me here.

My Testing Process

I spend countless hours to prepare a product review. Here are some points that I take into consideration during the testing process.

  • Quality.
  • Performance.
  • Price.
  • Durability.
  • What other real users think about that product.

Keeping all those into my consideration and mixing those with my honest research and experience, I sort the products and rank them.

Are You Safe Using My Site?

Yes, Of course.

No wonder, I will try to monetize my site in different ways, for example, placing ads. But your privacy matters to me as well as your data security. You can read my privacy policy page to understand how I handle your data on this particular website.

No more boring words.

Enjoy my site.