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Top 3 Best Hookaroon Reviews for 2020 with Buying Guide

I wish I knew about hookaroons earlier before I found myself in a chiropractic care plan that involves seeing my practitioner two times each week. It’s my chiropractor that introduced me to this wonderful tool. My back issues stem from all the bending, lifting, and log dragging I used to do all summer.

From all the research I have been doing, feel free to call me your hookaroon expert. One thing I can tell you for free is that finding the right tool means everything.

Be with me as we go through the best hookaroon reviews. I will also equip you with some tricks and tips to help you choose the ideal tool.

Recommended Top 3 Best Hookaroon Reviews for 2020

A hookaroon can save your back and make your work easier. We put a range of models to the test, analyzed their features, pros, and cons and sieved out the three top brands.

#1. Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)

Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)
330 Reviews
Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)
  • Easily lift and stack logs with a hookaroon featuring a blade with a pointed, hooked boron steel beak and toothed edges that securely grips wood
  • Handle flare keeps the tool firmly in your grip
  • FiberComp handle helps reduce stooping and is lightweight and durable
  • Non-slip grip improves control and helps insulate against the cold
  • Full lifetime warranty

The Fiskars 28″ was our first pick for some self-evident reasons. First, the brand dominates the hand tool markets and has the support of numerous positive client reviews.

We also liked the fact that the handle is made from fiberglass. This synthetic material is lightweight yet sturdier than wood.

This tool weighs 1.8 pounds; meaning less fatigue when picking, stacking, or unloading firewood from your truck. It comes with an improved handle grip that makes it slip-free and easier to clasp than regular wooden or fiberglass handles. The hollow design reduces the amount of shock transmitted when working.

Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)


  • Improved handle grip (less slippery)
  • Hollow handle transmits lesser shock when in use
  • Fiberglass handle, lightweight, more durable than wood
  • Ingeniously designed blade for gripping wood firmly
  • Steel blade (virtually unbreakable)
  • Powerful axes that chop deeper to split logs in one strike
  • Easy to hook or hang on a wall
  • Protective sheath included


  • For some people, 28 inches is rather short
  • The tool is lightweight, therefore best for lightweight duties


This is lightweight and light-duty equipment that is perfect for splitting logs. The device has a hollow handle so you can hang some weight inside when your applications demand that you use a heavier tool.

The product is not the longest or heaviest in the market, but it qualifies to be on our list because some users prefer shorter and lightweight tools.

#2. Council Tool 150 1-1/2lb Hookeroon 36 inches

150 1-1/2lb Hookeroon 36 in.
163 Reviews
150 1-1/2lb Hookeroon 36 in.
  • - Forged Steel 1 1/2 pound head; 36" hickory wood handle
  • - Axe head is hydraulically seated onto handle and secured with a serrated aluminum wedge
  • - Used for handling logs and timber
  • - Body coated with red enamel to deter rust
  • - The assembled tool is drilled and a steel bolt inserted to lock head,handle and wedge together.

For those that prefer heavier hookaroons, this is the best one we could find. It has a 1.5-pound head made of steel, and the 36-inch hickory wooden handle weighs equally as much to make the whole tool about 3 pounds in weight. The handle length makes it perfect for taller people.

When choosing a heavyweight tool, the impact of stress is likely to be a significant concern. Well, this hookaroon has steel bolt fasteners that help keep the head secure.

This, coupled with the fact that the blade is blunt, makes the equipment ideal for dragging logs. You can file it if you wish, just ensure you follow the original filing direction.

150 1-1/2lb Hookeroon 36 in.


  • 1.5 pounds head made from forged steel
  • 36-inch handle made from hickory wood
  • Saw-toothed aluminum wedge keeps ax head hydraulically secured onto the handle
  • Designed to make dragging logs easier
  • Red enamel coat on steel-head to discourage rusting
  • You can sharpen ax head if need be
  • Made in the USA


  • The weight of the tool causes fatigue when used for hours on end
  • The long handle may not be ideal for shorter users
  • Sharpening the head compromises the rust-resistant coat


If you often handle heavy-duty work, this is the perfect hookaroon for you. It comes at a reasonable price and is designed to handle almost all logging duties with ease.

This is the tool you need for dragging large logs. The way the handle is secured to the head, you will get your peace of mind during heavyweight applications.

#3. Logrite 30″ Hookeroon

Another super hookaroon we had to mention is the Longrite 30 inch. This brand takes the medal for launching the first woodworking tools with aluminum handles. It’s renowned for its stellar record of producing lighter yet stronger and safer equipment.

This model has a sleek overall design and a thin-style head that lodges into logs with remarkable ease. You can depend on the equipment when working on both large and small logs.

The aluminum handle is bright blue, and this is yet another intelligent design to make it more apparent within busy work environments.

This hookaroon weighs a little below 3 pounds, making it neither too lightweight nor too heavy. Its textured grip made of rubber helps to enhance comfort while preventing slipping at the same time.

Logrite 30


  • Sleek design for easy handling
  • Thin-style head for easier penetration into wood
  • The bright blue handle makes the tool easy to spot within busy or unorganized environments
  • Mid-weight tool 2.95 pounds
  • Textured rubber grip (slip-resistant) for gripping comfort
  • Replaceable head
  • Rust-resistant finish


  • The additional barb on the head not only bites the wood firmly but also makes it harder to release hooked logs
  • With a round rubber handle, you cannot tell the positioning of the blade at a glance


This tool is famous for a reason; it is merely the best. From its appearance and design to its performance, there is nothing not to like about it. You will find the equipment to be useful when clearing bushes, lifting and dragging logs, and stacking splits.

How to Choose the Best Hookaroon

If you are discovering hookaroons while finding the right one, the first time is essential. Here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.

The Handle

Choosing a tool that has an ergonomically designed handle is crucial. Most equipment will not have an entirely straight handle, and the slight curve is an essential part of a proper design. It enhances your grip, preventing the tool from sliding off and possibly hurting you.

As you check out the designs of the handles of tools that interest you, be sure also to confirm that they are made of sturdy material.

The Length

Here’s the deal, a hookaroon should make it more comfortable for you to handle wood and logs. In case the handle of a tool is either too short or too long, you will strain your back, making it counterproductive to use the device in the first place.

Always ensure that you choose equipment whose length is appropriate for your height.

The Head

Arguably, that protruding spike or blade is the most essential part of a hookaroon. For your equipment to be efficient, the head ought to be sharp enough to penetrate wood effortlessly.

Additionally, check out the hook created by the slight bend at the end of the blade. Make sure that it is not too sharp or too steep because this would make the tool slide out of the wood easily.

The Weight

You should take note of the amount of time you spend handling logging duties. A heavy hookaroon gets a grip on the logs more efficiently. However, it may cause more fatigue if used for extended periods.

The Design

It is common for woodwork tools to differ in the quality of their machining; hookaroons are not an exception. It pays to pay close attention to the small details, including how different parts fit in together. Any loose screws or incorrectly installed components could result in efficiency deficiencies.

Pickaroon vs. Hookaroon

You possibly call your hookaroon a pickaroon or the other way around. These are two different tools that look almost identical and have similar functions. Think of it as choosing between a manual and an automatic car.

Well, the right choice depends on your preferences and which of the two tools provides better comfort, convenience, and efficiency.

The Pickaroon

This is an essential woodworking tool with a protruding spike and long handle. You can use it when picking logs and stacking them. The tip of the blade is either straight or has a minor bend. Using the tool helps to prevent back strains caused by repeated bending.

The Pickaroon


  • Mainly ideal for stacking wood


  • Logs may slip off, especially when enough force is not applied striking the wood with your tool

The Hookaroon

The sole difference between a pickaroon and a hookaroon is the shape of the blade. Hokaroons have blades that bend inwards on the tip to create a miniature hook of some sort. This prevents the wood from sliding off once you hook it.

The Hookaroon


  • Blade design prevents logs from sliding off


  • The bend on the blade can make it challenging to remove your tool from the logs

Final Words

I thought my days of nursing a painful back were over once I discovered hookaroons, but I was mistaken. It takes research and patience to find the right tool. I did some serious shopping around, and honestly, a bit of trial and error too, to compile the above best hookaroon reviews.

So, hopefully, this wordy piece will help you find a tool that will make your work much more manageable. Good luck!

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