Best Fiskars Hookaroon Reviews for 2023: A Top-quality Brand Rated

fiskars hookaroon reviews

Let’s focus on the best hookaroon available in today’s market. Running a fully functional bed and breakfast is no easy feat, and I burn 6 or more cords of wood yearly for heat.

The increased medical insurance rates for my workers who often suffered from back issues got me wondering if there was a way to make their work easier.

Then someone introduced me to hookaroons, and my caretakers have never been happier. I can swear by the sturdiness, comfort, and efficiency of the Fiskars Hookaroon.

Just go through the Fiskars Hookaroon reviews from actual clients, and you will understand what my excitement is all about.

Recommended Fiskars Hookaroon Reviews for 2023

Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)

Fiskars Hookaroon 28 Inch, Orange/Black (360070-1001)
2,536 Reviews
Fiskars Hookaroon 28 Inch, Orange/Black (360070-1001)
  • Easily lift and stack logs with a hookaroon featuring a blade with a pointed, hooked boron steel beak and toothed edges that securely grips wood

If you deal with any logging or woodworking tasks, this is a tool that can save your back from needless strain. It has a pointed blade with a hooked boron beak and jagged teeth that makes it remarkably easy to lift logs and stack them.

Specifications of the Fiskars Hookaroon (28 Inch)

  • 8 pounds in total weight
  • 2 x 8.6 x 30.8 inches dimensions
  • Metal made
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  • FiberComp handle (lightweight and highly durable)
  • Ergonomically designed handle for better grip
  • The handle is hollow, and this reduces the shock transmitted to the user when striking logs
  • The design allows easy hanging or hooking on a wall
  • Virtually unbreakable steel blade
  • Strong blade chops logs deep enough to split the smaller ones in one strike
  • Comes with a protective sheath
  • Mainly ideal for lightweight jobs
  • The flared handle may easily slip if you wear gloves when working

Extreme Performance

The performance of this hookaroon is unmatched. Just a glance at the head design will tell you that this equipment performs better than its counterparts.

First, the head is made of steel, meaning it is virtually unbreakable. The hooked beak as well as the jagged edges on the end bite effortlessly into firewood and reduce the workload when moving heavy logs.

This equipment is designed to make it easy to lift and drag logs. Naturally, it grabs the pieces of wood firmly so that they do not slide off. To free the head, simply apply some force in the opposite direction, and voila! It will pop out.

Easy Drag and Stack Logs

The head of this equipment is designed for ease of use. It has a pointed blade that is curved slightly downwards at the end. This, coupled with the toothed edges, ensures you can grip wood firmly with minimal chances of logs sliding off.

With this hookaroon, you can enjoy better comfort, efficiency, and safety when stacking logs. Some practice is even so necessary for you to master how to free the head when stacking them.

Preparing and Organizing Firewood

The steelhead will make you invincible even when dealing with tough logging jobs. You can lift and arrange logs that are up to 12 inches in diameter. The rugged tongs grab the pieces of wood firmly so you can strike, drag, and stack them.

Once you have mastered how to release the wood from the tool, you can easily make it a habit to use one hand. No need to struggle, merely apply a little force in the opposite direction to release your logs.


Let’s have a look at the features of this equipment that enhances its ease of use. It has an easy-release feature, and the comfortable handle offers a firm, slip-resistant grip. This is a piece of equipment you will find enjoyable to use even if you are a logging newbie.

Safety means everything during woodworking projects. To reduce the risk of getting hurt, the flared handle prevents hand-cramping. This tool weighs only 1.8 pounds, and therefore users hardly suffer from fatigue even if they work for hours on end.

The Handle

This Fiskars tool measures 28 inches in length. The handle is just the right height, and hence, it is ideal for use by short and tall people alike. This tool will help you dodge the back pains caused by repeated bending and lifting.

It is also worth mentioning that the handle is made of fiber comp, a lightweight material that happens to be sturdier than wood. The flared end is slip-resistant, and this means you will have better control and safety during your applications.

The Overall Design

When choosing a hookaroon, nothing is as crucial as studying the overall design of a tool. The last thing you want is to spend money on equipment that is guaranteed to fall apart or fail sooner than later.

How this tool is machined will impress you. It is no wonder the model comes with a lifetime warranty.

Apart from smooth details on the steel-forged head and the ergonomically shaped handle, the hollow handle design also delivers a unique perk. It reduces the amount of shock transmitted when you strike pieces of wood with full force.

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Final Verdict

For firewood hoarders, there is no need to suffer from the brunt of back strains that creeps up after hours of splitting, hauling, and stacking wood. The Fiskars (28 Inch) is designed to make it swift to lift, drag or stack logs. It is lightweight, and this calculates to lesser fatigue after working for extended periods.

As I wrap up the Fiskars Hookaroon review, here is something you must remember. Back issues are neither easy nor cheap to treat. This hookaroon is available at a pocket-friendly rate, which makes it worth a try.

What’s more, you get a lifetime warranty. Trust me, it doesn’t get better than this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hookaroon primarily used for?

The hookaroon is designed to hook securely into firewood to grab and move logs easily. You can use a hookaroon to lift logs or extend your reach for moving bigger pieces of wood.

What’s the difference between a hookaroon and a pickaroon

A hookaroon is considered a type of pickaroon. The main difference is that a hookaroon’s tip curves sharply inward which allows it to hook onto wood and logs firmly.