Best Windshield For Street Glide: [Review & Buying Guide]

Best windshield for harley street glide

The windshield has always been the iconic part of Harley-Davidson street glide. Not only it saves the rider from harm, but it also gives a feeling of grandeur. If you are selective about windshields, here we are presenting you with some of the best choices.

The windshields have been used as a safety feature for a long time. It protects the rider from rain, flying debris. It also plays a significant part in aerodynamics. So, having the best windshield for street glide is essential for an excellent riding experience.

Modern windshields utilize many technologies and mechanisms. It can get tough to choose the best one. So, we have looked into the market thoroughly. We will cover all the features they provide, their pros and cons with many other aspects.

These are the best windshield for street glide:

  1. Top Pick: Klock Werks ‘Flare’ Windshield
  2. Runner-Up: Hog Wild LT-1 Light Gray Tint Windshield
  3. Best Budget: Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield Windscreen

Best Windshield For Street Glide

1. Top Pick: Klock Werks ‘Flare’ Windshield

Klock Werks Flare for 2014-2021 FLH (11.5' Dark Smoke)
614 Reviews
Klock Werks Flare for 2014-2021 FLH (11.5" Dark Smoke)
  • Features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike

This product has got on the list because it offers the best durability and flexibility. It is made with the best material and best aerodynamic design.

First of all, it is made of polycarbonate with a hard coating. The coating adds extra strength to its abrasion resistance. So, the scratches will be least of your worries, and it is almost unbreakable.

It has an optimal aerodynamic design. The outer edges re-routes the air and increase the downforce of the ride. The flip on top, kicks the air upward, giving the rider a smooth experience.

The manufacturer produced it with many height variants. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about fitting it on your bike.

So, is this the best?

This could be the best choice for novice and experts alike. The build quality and useful features will not disappoint. It is, without doubt, the best windshield for Harley Davidson street glide.

Being made with polycarbonate and hard coating takes durability to the next level. On the other hand, there will be from little to no scratches.

Summary: This product has all the useful features for long rides. The drawback is that it needs the fairing, to set up correctly. Click here to see if it is a good fit for you.


  • very good at handling airflow
  • easy to install
  • creates excellent air buffer


  • Bad handling of gust wind
  • The bent areas distort the light

​​2. Runner-up: Hog Wild LT-1 Light Gray Tint Windshield

One of the main reasons we have picked it in our list is its praiseworthy durability. As the main build material of this item is polycarbonate, it is extremely durable, without a doubt. Your shield will be fine in almost all high impact scenarios.

You can see through the windshield due to the light gray color. It will help you to raise situational awareness when riding.

In addition, it has excellent cut edges. They are CAD designed and have CNC cut. Meaning they have been designed and cut with ultimate precision with the computers. So, the final product is built to near perfection of the original design.

Though the top pick and this one are made of polycarbonate, this one, however, does not have a scratch-resistant coating. That’s why we have placed this in our second position.

Summary: This product is very durable and has a fair price. But the scratch-resistant feature has been sacrificed for affordability. You should check it out yourself. In case you want a smaller one, here is another.


  • See-through windshield
  • Fits very good
  • Easy to install


  • No variants

​3. Best budget: Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield Windscreen

This one made our list because of the decent quality and low price. Besides, the build is very sturdy, and it allows a very clear sight.

This item can be attached to fairing very easily. You would not need the instruction manual.

The overall design is very aerodynamic. It can efficiently deflect all the incoming air around. So, you will have better riding experience.

In conclusion, it offers a quality build. For the price, there are no other models that can give you a more unobstructed view.

Summary: You get what you pay for with this product. But you will have to deal with scratches. It will do the job for the price point, but do not expect performance like other heavyweight windshields. Visit here to find more about this product.


  • Affordable price
  • Great design
  • Good quality windscreen


  • Thin structure
  • Scratch-prone

​​What To Consider Before Buying A Windshield For Street Glide

How To Measure Street Glide Windshield?

Measuring windshield is a reasonably easy task. There is very little room for getting confused, and you will need only one tool. It would be best to get your hand on measuring tape. You could also use a scale. Though we doubt, you might face some problems with accuracy.

Remember that windshields are measured from the top of the headlight. The full length of the windshield does not matter. If your bike has fairing on it, you should start measuring from the top of the fairing. The new users sometimes assume the length of the shield will be treated as height.

Another thing you might consider is the angle of the shield. It should be set in an aspect as same as the angle of the handles. Measuring perpendicularly upward will give the wrong estimation.

Now get a tape, sit comfortably on your ride. Then have someone measure the distance from the headlight’s top surface to the right under your nose. That distance is the optimum height for you.

​​What Is The Suitable Windshield Height For Street Glide?

How tall is the stock windshield on a street glide? You might ask. The stock windshield on a street glide is three and a half-inch long. This height might not be enough for a smooth experience. The windscreen will allow the air to get stuck on your chest and head while lowering the expected aerodynamic efficiency.

For these reasons, it is a good idea to get a better windshield on the bike. The custom adjusted windshield will work far better than the stock windshield. The best height for the shield when it covers up the area until your nose. If you set it up higher or lower, it might cause problems.

In case if it is set lower, then passing air, rain, and debris will hit you directly. On the other hand, if the height is higher, it will obstruct your view. The rain stuck on the shield will hinder your sight. It is the best practice is to set it up at a height where you get the most advantages.

Always be very cautious when picking the windshield for your street glide. There are many criteria to focus on when buying one. Here, we will mention the most important things you need to look for when purchasing the best windshield for street glide.

Build Material:

There are mainly three types of material used in making these products. They are acrylic, polycarbonate, and polycarbonate with a quantum hard coating.

The acrylic is the least expensive option, but it gets scratch and scuff very quickly. The polycarbonate gets fewer scratches than acrylic and can be restored by buffing. Their price is higher than acrylic. Polycarbonate with quantum hard coating is the most durable and flexible. They are scratch-resistant and completely shatterproof. These windshields cost the most.

Mounting Options: The rider will have many options when it comes to mounting. There are a lot of options between fixed and quick release, fork vs. handle mounted windshields. The quick-release shields are detachable. You could install or remove them instantly, and they also offer fashion, flexibility, and choice.

On the other hand, fixed ones are more durable. The fork-mounted windshields are built on ‘install and forget’ philosophy. But, the hand mounting option gives you more customization options. So, it depends on your personal preference.


The size of the windshield should reach just below your nose. This will give you an unobstructed view. The width depends on your personal choice and the bike’s design; a wider width will offer more safety but hinder aerodynamic. Narrow width will do the opposite.

Headlight Size: When buying a windshield, always ensure it has enough cut out for placing the headlight. To avoid this mistake, measure the diameter of the headlight. Now pick the product according to the size of the light on the bike. Depending on the diameter, you might even find some model-specific shields too.

​​How To Replace Windshield For Harley Davidson Street Glide?

Replacing the windshields is not a complicated task. All you need is a little know-how and confidence. Also, you might need some practice.

To start, you need the necessary tools like a screwdriver, wrench, etc. You will need the knowledge of specific designs too. As they come in various designs, there is no one solution fits all scenario. The fork-mounted and handle mounted systems would need different techniques than the fixed and quick release windshield.

As you will be following different techniques for a separate system, the instruction manual would be your best friend. So get the necessary tools, follow the manual, have some confidence and patience. You will see, replacing the shield is not as hard as you thought.


Windshields are an integral part of any bike. Sometimes the stock windshield is not good enough. That is why we picked a few candidates for the best windshield for Harley Street glide.

Though the best windshield for street glide might depend on perspective and budget, all mentioned above are worth trying. You could pick the one you see fit and hit the road without any second thought.