What Is A Ball-Peen Hammer Used For? Full Guide!

We can consider hammers as one of the oldest tools and can’t deny its purpose in various workplaces. Based on the work type, we have differently shaped and categorized hammers too.

Besides household repairing works, hammers are also vastly used in engineering, technical operation, jewelry designing, woodworking, etc. Mainly there are three types of hammers- the claw, ball-peen, and club. However, today we are only focusing on the ball-peen hammer category.

However, what is a ball peen hammer used for? And In which types of work the ball-peen hammer can be more useful? If you are wondering about such issues, this article will help you with all the relevant information you need. So, let’s begin the main discussion.

What is A Ball Peen Hammer?

Mainly, a ball-peen hammer has two ends on its head, one side round-shaped and another side flat like a regular hammerhead. The handle is just the same as other hammers, but the material options are available like steel, fiberglass, or wooden.

The ball-peen hammer’s head weight can be (four to thirty-two) ounces maximum. This hammer’s designing purpose was to pee or shape the metal types of materials and when we need a bit heftier option than a claw hammer.

Are you wondering about what is a ball peen hammer used for in metalwork? Well, the Ball-peen hammer is much solid than any claw hammer that makes it more useful for any metalwork such as driving chisels, setting rivets, bending metal, etc. Ball-peen hammer is known as a machinist or engineer’s hammer too.

What are The Ball Peen Hammer Sizes?

Ball-peen hammer is available in different sizes like four, eight, twelve up to thirty-two ounces. Depending on which work we are going to use, we can pick a suitable sized ball hammer.

For example, to drive a cold chisel requires enough weighted head of the ball-peen hammer, but we require a hammer with less weight while we need to shape any metal. It seems a contradictory theory, right! It is. If we use a larger hammer to strike any metal, then it will distort the material. If we use a smaller one for cold chisel driving, it will not work either.

What is A Ball Peen Hammer Used For? [A Detailed Explanation]

Although we have already mentioned the most common purposes, a ball-peen serves like striking steel fabrication and punching or driving cold chisels. But along with these, there are other significant uses of a ball-peen hammer and let’s learn about them in this part-

A ball-peen hammer is a very convenient option for giving textures to the metal by flattening or shaping because this hammer can peen metals that welded together. That’s the reason for vastly using this type of hammers in metal jewelry manufacturing tasks.

Generally, in woodworking tasks, ball-peen hammers are not needed. But it can be an asset where we need a hammer with more weight and hardness than a claw hammer like driving or striking punches, chisels, or heavy nails type of tasks.

The ball-peen hammers used for armor, sword, and knife edges manufactured companies. When the metal turned into the knife blade form, they used a ball-peen hammer to peen that material into the desired shape.

Also, ball-peen hammers are preferred to peen the rivets. A ball peen hammer uses in peeing rivets and expanding the ends of the set rivets too. First of the shape of the ball-peen hammers are perfect for manually setting up rivets into metal, and another thing is that we know that the extra bar of the rivets to be cut to act as a strong joint for the metal sheets and, this hammer ensures exactly that with few steady strikes only.

Another frequent use of a ball-peen hammer is for shaping, smoothing out, or removing dents. Because of its extra hardness or heft, this hammer does not leave any scars on the material while repairing. The round end of the ball-peen hammer’s head helps expand and flatten out the metal surfaces.

What are the best ball peen hammers?

1. Estwing Ball Peen Hammer – 12 oz

This ball-peen hammer has the head and handles forged in one piece of solid metal of steel along with attractive blue UV coating. Estwing hammers reduce vibrations caused by impact and also offers comfort and durability in use.

2. TEKTON 30401 Jacketed Fiberglass Ball Pein Hammer, 8-Ounce

These ball-peen hammers are made of high-strength fiberglass handle core that is light-weighted and virtually unbreakable. The high-strength fiberglass handle core absorbs the vibrations and, the soft non-slippery grip gives a more comfortable experience.

3. Real Steel 0506 Non-Slip Ball Pein Hammer 32-Ounce

If you are looking for a ball-peen hammer with more strength, durability than a fiberglass handle and can help you with strong, striking power then, this is the one because this hammer is made with an exclusively profiled, drop-forged, and heat-treated head.


So, what is a ball peen hammer used for? It seemed like most people who are not professional or expert in using different types of hammer items think all hammers are for the same purposes and can choose any of them.

If you are looking for heavy metalwork, choose the hard-faced and if you are looking for light work where you do not require much impact, then choose the soft-faced one. For your convenience, we have given some of the suggested product details above so you can consider those too. Let us know if you have any further questions in your mind.