Echo vs Stihl Blower: The Ultimate Guide!

Tired of cleaning your yard every day from dry leaves? Your clients are complaining you didn’t attend to his land scraping? Now if you are looking to buy a new leaf blower but aren’t sure which one to buy then this article is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner who wants his yard free from dry leaves or you are a professional land scraper we are going to help both. Our competitors today are Echo vs Stihl blower.

There’re two popular blowers in the blower business. Precisely, our automotive experts have provided a discussion on Echo vs Stihl blower.

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Echo vs Stihl Blower

However, there’re multiple manufacturers in the market that introduce different types of blowers over time. Echo and Stihl are two promising brands. Let’s understand the features of both and try to figure out which one you should buy.

Echo Blowers

Echo blowers are lightweight energy-efficient blowers that are made especially for homeowners who like to clean their yard by themselves and don’t want to pay money to land scrapers.

But does that stop you to buy this powerful blower as a professional? Definitely not. You’ll find professional touches having padded brackets and shoulder straps. Besides, the brand provides handheld blowers and can be used for easy clean-up.

And more specifically to say you can work for a longer time with an Echo blower because of its comfortable handle which means more work in less time.


Echo blowers come with more mobility that allows you to clear the leaves in any part of your garden without any hassle. Besides, the versatile features of Echo cordless blowers are immense and eco-friendly.

You will be able to meet the schedule of every client and get more clients in seasons when dry leaves cover houses and driveways. In fact, we’ve covered different types of features in the following section where you’ll get everything else.


  • The product is lightweight and inexpensive.
  • Echo blower is made for regular users
  • It is generally gas powered, so costs little less
  • The blower makes little noise so that the users doesn’t feel any disturbance.
  • It works effectively in small areas.
  • Some blowers are powered by batteries.


  • Smaller engine
  • Can’t handle bigger area like driveway quickly

Stihl Blower

Another name in the industry is Stihl that offers products for professional land scrapers but that doesn’t stop a homeowner to use one. It’s the name of belief for hardworking to every stage that lasts season after season.

Besides, a newbie can use this blower without any hassle. So you can have it in your house if you want your cleaning process faster.

And if it’s wetter season then leaves will be heavier than dry season which means either more power or more duration in blowing them away. If you want to work less and get rid of the uncomfortable leaves or clips on your yard a backpack blower is not much of a bad choice.


Stihl blower can be your top choice because of its immense power, efficiency, and ease of use. Besides, it’s a kind of blower that can definitely exceed your expectations with its specially designed features for cutting leaves properly.

In fact, the blower provides more energy than you need to clear leaves the area from. Either it is your home yard or it’s the driveway. Now let’s see its pros and cons too.


  • Stihl blower offers powerful and bigger engine that work efficiently on both small and large areas.
  • You’ll have more powerful blow
  • Made for professionals
  • Makes less noise compare to power
  • Well equipped for clearing drive ways
  • It’s very quick to finish your job


  • Cost more compared to Echo blowers.
  • Heavyweight and users have to carry it on his back
  • Works according to power of push on trigger

Okay, now we know which one has what features. But does that really make the decision? Should you just call a winner by reading till now? We don’t think so. Let’s dive into our main competitors ECHO vs STIHL blower representatives.

Head to Head on Echo vs Stihl Blower

We already know our competitors who will represent the category or them so let’s see which one offers the things you need before you decide which one to buy. We will discuss engines, power of the blower, MPH of air coming out of the pipe, Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM), and pricing.

Try to get to a conclusion, is having a bigger engine alone takes the game? Or having a better MPH is enough? How much does CFM affect the performance?


ECHO CFM Gas Backpack Blower comes with a heavy build. This weighs 28 lbs which is a lot of weight on the user’s back. But this is not uncomfortable at all.

It has larger parachute-like straps with comfortable padding so your shoulder won’t be swollen because you are going to use it for a long time.

On the contrary, BR 800 C-E MAGNUM handheld blower is a lightweight blower weighing 25.8 lbs. makes it easier to handle. Compare to its size it has a 4.4 bhp engine which provides a great torque to blow air from it.

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However, the Echo blower comes with an airflow rate of 425 CFM which is really great for an engine and will blow out the waste far away from your land. Besides, the airspeed reaches a max of 170 Miles per Hour. A bigger engine ensures more power. And this proves with its max airflow rate of 756 CFM and speed of 234 miles. So with this beast, you can clear out multiple backyards or driveways in an efficient and quicker way.

On the contrary, the Stihl magnum provides an effortless power to eliminate the debris and the gasoline-powered engine comes with 3.2 KW power. Besides, the engine comes with an auto-on-off technology to make your job easier.

Supportive Tubes

If your blower comes with an adjustable tube, it’ll be more cheerful as you’ll be able to use it according to your needs. The Echo handheld blower provides a tube for user satisfaction.

Now, it turns to the Stihl backpack blower that also offers a telescopic tube that is adjustable to the users’ heights and you don’t need any tool to get this job done.

Adjustable Support

However, the Echo handheld blower has a back padding which will the machine in one place on your back to let you have a walk easily without too much adjusting it on your back. One plus point of this Backpack blower is it uses a fan while creating a vacuum and you can get some air comforting your back from getting sweaty.

Stihl backpack blower also provides adjustable supports that ensure the even weight cross the shoulders to reduce back pain and fatigue.


Now let’s talk about this beast’s powers. It has a massive 63.3 cc engine that runs on gasoline. You have to feed this monster on a 68.3 oz container. But the bigger the better, it will work for hours and still left something after you finish your job.

In spite of this engine producing this massive amount of power, it’s way less noisy only produces 73 dB of sound that is totally bearable. Now you can work in residential areas peacefully without having a worry about your neighbor’s complaint you are making too much noise.

On the contrary, the Stihl blower comes with a fuel capacity of 67.6 oz that ensures the blowing force of 41 Newton. So, it also generates a decent power to make your job easy but it is liable for making a sound of 78 dB that may disturb your neighbor.

Echo vs Stihl Blower

Echo vs Stihl Blower Who Takes The Prize

If we compare only these to blowers and try to decide who the winner is, then it’s definitely PB-770T ECHO CFM Gas Backpack Blowers. But The Stihl blower is not a loser yet.

If we compare the size of engines Echo blower has twice big engines compare to Stihl’s engine. And this is a lot though the Echo blower is more capable of doing a heavy task that doesn’t mean Stihl blower is a failure.

It has all the quality to do small to moderate blowing tasks. Yet Echo blower Can do those and with an extra point, you can do the heavier task. Now Which one you should buy?

It still depends on you what is your choice and how will you operate it’s more preferable to buy a B-770T ECHO 234 mph 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower for professionals and leave the other one for individuals.

Final Thoughts

Echo vs Stihl blower whichever you choose you are not losing anything. You should look at the price of both products we discuss. It’s not necessary that a professional should buy Bag pack Echo blower.

If you have pain carrying a heavy back bag you should go for the handheld Stihl model. Because it’s Lightweight and also capable enough. And Homeowners shouldn’t fear to use the bag pack blower though it might be a little heavier it’s really worth it.

Now for environmental concerns using Stihl lightweight blower is more environmentally friendly as it uses gas for power and the other one uses gasoline but the decision is still in your hands.

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