Who Makes Supertech Oil: Supertech Oil vs Mobil 1

Who Makes Supertech Oil

Who makes Supertech oil? Well!!! As a car owner, you have to be concerned about the general facts of car oil. So that you must have an in-depth knowledge of the car oil. Every car owner has to consider and understand the importance of the best car oil and the total amount of oil that should be used in an appropriate quantity.

Because if you use too much or too little oil it can create problems to maintain mechanical functionality. Besides all these factors you have to consider the standard quality and specification of the oil to maximize the output.

Super Tech is one of the renowned brands in the automotive world. This brand created a strong position in the market because of its competitive advantage. In this article, I will share a complete overview of the manufacturer of Super Tech synthetic oil.

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Who Makes Supertech Oil?

You will find a number of online portals discussing the manufacturer of Super Tech oils. The supplier of Super Tech oil has changed throughout the years. In the year of early 2000s, the brand Super Tech was made by Exxon. Currently, SuperTech oil is produced by Warren Oil Company Inc.

You will find WPP written just at the bottom of every bottle to be confirmed whether the product is genuine or not. WPP stands for Warren Performance Products, is one of the largest automotive oil manufacturing companies in the USA. You can purchase their products in various online stores like Amazon, Walmart & eBay.

Before purchasing you have to make sure whether the product is compatible with your engine or not. Because every automotive car has individual specifications and requirements.

The Quality of Super Tech Oil:

Super Tech Oil is popular and renowned to everyone, especially to the professional who has mechanical expertise. Super Tech Motor Oil complies with all standard guidelines, procedures, and other requirements to ensure the highest quality. This brand maintains all legal procedures and regulations as per the US Government.

Along with quality standards, they also ensure the wellbeing of the users, the car, and the environment. Super Tech Oil has also gone through the test procedures and is licensed. Super Tech is categorized as a Dexos 1 brand.

Though this brand has huge demand in the market, the company is more concerned about affordability. Generally, these premium quality products are often twice or even thrice in terms of price

Despite that, Super Tech Oil is the cheapest among all other brands of lubricating oil. Super Tech Oil is the greatest choice for those who have an older car within an affordable price range.

Pros and Cons Supertech Oil:

Super Tech is widely recognized as synthetic oil. So as a synthetic oil there are similarities among all the brands.

Supertech Oil


  • As the oil does not react to a temperature that changes as petroleum-based motor oil.
  • It will not thicken during cold temperatures.
  • It does not evaporate quickly.
  • It reduces the risk of oil sludge and replacing the oil.
  • It has a more constant viscosity.
  • It improved the fuel economy.
  • It does not break down at high temperatures like natural petroleum-based oil.
  • By using this oil, it will improve the reduction of friction. For that, the parts of the engine last longer.
  • This oil has all the properties to protect the mechanical engine.
  • The price is lower than the other competing synthetic oil.
  • Available are all around the world.


  • Not Suitable for all types of engine
  • It blends to reduce friction
  • It creates problems with a new engine during a break
  • It does not hold in the suspension of the oil.
  • It creates a problem with antique car
  • It has a different disposal method
  • Not recommended for rotary types engine
  • Does not mention any warranty
  • It requires oil change after every 7000 miles

Supertech Oil vs Mobil 1:

Supertech Oil vs Mobil 1

These days, Mobil 1 is dominating the market of the automotive oil industry. There is a huge competition between Super Tech & Mobil 1. Mobil 1 has created a trustworthy position among the consumer mind. It is highly recommended by all professional experts because of its standard quality and long-term durability.

Mobil 1 is one of the authorized brands for automotive specialists and racing experts. Now Mobil 1 has taken a leading position and become popular because NASCAR and Mobil 1 is an authorized product of NASCAR. Because of that reason, Mobil 1 is more expensive compared to Super Tech Oil.

So where is the basic difference between Super Tech and Mobile 1 in terms of quality? Well!!! In most cases, Mobil 1 is similar to Super Tech. Because some common factors are matched with one another.

  • Categorized as Synthetic Automotive oils
  • Licensed by Dexos 1
  • Meeting the pre-set standards
  • Comply with all the safety and security measures.
  • Comply with all the criteria to meet quality and environmental standards
  • Strict following the governmental rules and regulation
  • Completely Compatible with gasoline engines
  • Relatively Durable

Apart from quality and performance, there is another vital difference between Mobil 1 and Super Tech is the price gap. The price of Mobil 1 is twice of Super Tech. The price gap creates a distinction between both brands. So Super Tech is affordable to most of the customers for frequent use over time.

What does every car owner need to know about car oil brands? No matter which brand of oil, you have decided to purchase. Before purchasing you should follow the oil requirements for the engine. All of this information is written in the user guide of the car.

The oil of an engine is compared with the blood of the human body. Without oil, the engine and mechanical components will not be functional anymore. You need to know about the grade of oil and whether your engine will allow synthetic oil or not?

Another Item generally overlooked is the oil filter. This filter prevents contamination as the oil passes through the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What brand is Supertech oil?

Supertech oil is one of the largest brands in the world and manufactured by Warren Oil Company Inc.

Who makes Supertech Synthetic Motor Oil?

Warren Oil Company Inc. manufactures Supertech Synthetic Motor Oil.

Who makes Supertech oil for Walmart?

The Walmart Supertech full synthetic oils are made by Shell.

Is Supertech engine oil good?

Yes! Supertech Oil is regarded as the best brand over other brands. Because it maintains all the standard quality performance according to government guidelines and regulations. Not only that Super Tech is the cheapest among all other brands. Though Super Tech oil ensures its quality.

Is Supertech synthetic oil Dexos approved?

Yes! Super Tech Synthetic motor oil is approved by Dexos and licensed as Dexos 1 brand. Before using this brand please make sure of the requirements and specifications of your brand.

Final Words

Still, if you have any confusion, who makes Supertech oil? We hope you got a complete idea of this brand.