Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Reviews: [Your Perfect Pick]

Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer

When you come to see cracks on your asphalt driveway, immediately you will need to apply seal coating particles with crack filler.

Well, more or less, every sealer has the ability to do so. But the upside or downside of it only shows up after a few years. We never expect to see either the heavy rainfall won’t rut it up or the snowfall.

Asphalt sealer patches the sinkholes pretty well for years without letting water in again and held up environmentally friendly.

To bang on the longer rated asphalt sealer from your buck is probably a hard nut to crack for you at this moment. We know the differences what manufacturers are churning out these days; so, let’s delve in the list of best asphalt driveway sealer (all of them available on amazon):

  1. Best Asphalt Emulsion: Asphalt Filler & Sealer
  2. Best Fast-Dry: Aquaphalt 6.0 Permanent Asphalt Repair
  3. Best Acrylic: Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant
  4. Other Consideration: Bluestar Flexible Asphalt Crack Filler
  5. Other Consideration: Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

What Is the Asphalt Sealer?

When it comes to repairing the buckling pavement, the Asphalt sealer is considered to be the best bang for the buck. Because it emits low VOC, brings curb appeal to your home, and more importantly, true to remain in great shape.

Asphalt sealer is made of petroleum element along with the sand, rock and cement. Let’s break down each of these components from Asphalt.

The main particle is the crude petroleum, and it turns the sealer as a permeable or porous substance, allowing water to sneak into the pavement under the soil.

The rest of the materials come and join as a sticky black mixture of crushed rock mostly, then sand and finally 5% of asphalt cement.

Types of Driveway Sealers

When it comes to telling you the types of sealers, the coal tar sealers are old picks to use in asphalt driveway for many years. The sticky black substance made of coal tar originated from bituminous coal.

Plain sealer comes as a solid black liquid made of asphalt cement or just coal tar. This won’t be efficacious on a bad concrete driveway with many sinkholes. But it will increase the longevity of the existing driveway’s construction with its heavy-duty emulsification process.

If you want to see your sealer will work as a driveway filler, then get your hands on crack filler. Penetrating Sealers resists to water and denser as a thick substance, making your driveway surface cured for many freezing years.

Topical sealer commonly found on stores or Amazon and widely used on driveways. These are popular for convenience while spraying or just roll it on any surface and last for 2 years.

Acrylic Polymer Sealer is a synthetic type of sealer and, with its advanced compound, may easily beat the coal tar sealer. The upside of using it, you won’t have a high volume of fume or VOC emission, just like coal tar sealing products.

Asphalt sealer is the most effective emulsifying agent and works as a great stabilizer on a sealed driveway. The popularity of it is on the rise because it produces the least VOC and odor and doesn’t cause any harm to our environment.

Accessories You May Need: (available on amazon)

Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Reviews: Our Findings

1. Best Asphalt Emulsion: Asphalt Filler & Sealer

Asphalt Filler & Sealer, 4.75gal, Black
44 Reviews
Asphalt Filler & Sealer, 4.75gal, Black
  • Color Family: Blacks; For Use With: SD-CT; Dry Time Tack Free: 4 hr.

E-z stir driveway asphalt filler/sealer is for them who are looking for an emulsifying sealing agent for their blacktop driveway. The standardized porous sealer has tested out aggravatedly from many users. It dries faster from their expectation but clinches longer on the surface.

We know homeowners like you would love to deal with the easiest sealant solution, and here is why we recommend it for you. Approximately, Henry driveway sealer comes with 5 Gal of thick and sticky volatile organic compounds, stirring and applying on your driveway without lugging around. Each can of it is enough to cover 250 to 500 square feet alone, depending on different textures.

Once we get to know the feature of having 4x rubberized sealing particles, the price doesn’t seem overwhelming to us. The 4-year warranty from the manufacturer seems to last even longer. Needless to say, during these years, you won’t face flakes from corrosion.


  • It improves the minor cracks up to 1/8″ of hairline width
  • Seal the blacktop driveway with black wet curb appealing from your door.
  • The surface will soak up in just 4 hours in a uniform way
  • It improves traction reinforcing 4x rubberized filler


  • Not a good bait for sealing sinkholes

Summary: Henry has brought a number of asphalt driveway sealers, and among them, the Henry 4.75 Gal is notably the best bait here. If you want to improve the minor cracks without any pitfalls and get to see the black wet finish, then it seems the right trade-off.

2. Best Fast-Dry: Aquaphalt 6.0 Permanent Asphalt Repair

Long waited sealing chores under the warm sunny day is no more as long as you will get your hands on the Aquaphalt 6.0. It is definitely an ideal sealer when you want quick road repair and notably recommended by consumer reports.

It unveils the new era of sealant mechanism, but still, it offers ease of covering every spot. From tiny to the large, it won’t leave any potholes unfilled. If you ever get to know which Asphalt sealer repairs the most, then we are true to our words that is Aquaphalt 6.0.

The key feature of it makes others envious. Because it comes with the first pre-mixed sealant chemicals viable in all circumstances, making it the most enduring and performing sealer. Needless to say, how likely it is to be environmentally friendly. The green blender particles leave no hindrance to mix with water, whereas other patching chemicals are full of toxic solvents.


  • Cost-effective sealer with the least maintenance
  • Won’t expose harmful fumes and has the least VOC
  • Fill large potholes and leave no cracks
  • Only need water or a shovel to tamper the sealer


  • Not an inexpensive product, so not fit for in a tight budget
  • 1/2 and 1/4 size baskets are not available.

Summary: The permanent repair is the excellent trade-off saving up to 25% cost while patching large holes. Furthermore, Aquaphalt 6.0 entices cold patching without pitfalls and ensures the immediate coating. Last but not the least, it dries up within the fastest prep that makes your mind blow up in a sec.

3. Best Acrylic: Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant

Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant, 1 Pack, Black
1,311 Reviews
Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant, 1 Pack, Black
  • COLORED & TEXTURED LIKE ASPHALT: Provides an excellent color and texture match to asphalt surfaces

Want to buy Asphalt sealer within a caulking tube? Then get to see what Red Devil has innovated with the Acrylic polymer particles. This glue-like gun would match your choice when you want excellent adhesion for your driveways and parking lots. Surprisingly, this penetrating sealer is versatile for Blacktop, Concrete and Asphalt surface.

Many of us become anxious when winter comes to shed its dew. Because very few sealers are permitted to cure frost damage. Here the Red Dots will be your best concrete driveway sealer since it not only prevents water but also deters frost damage and save your driving lawn. The rigidity of it goes beyond every hurdle and will take care of your asphalt driveway.

It comes with a putty knife with insane adhesion and available on any online store like home depot. Once you get to use it, make sure to wear a rubber glove to avoid extra sticky glue coming inside your fingers. However, you won’t have to deal with cleaning up stuff once exposed to the material.


  • Extra adhesive on any filling surface
  • Quickest dry time just peel off it and fix issues
  • Unmatched water resistance using polymer substance
  • Affordable to buy and easy to clean


  • Only use for the minimum sealing application and won’t last long

Summary: The best feedback you will get from this tube feeder is with quick fill up with immense adhesion. When no filler fills and dries aggravatedly, then 1.6 ounces of emulsifying agents will do the job.

4. Other Consideration: Bluestar Flexible Asphalt Crack Filler

Bluestar Flexible Asphalt Crack Filler
247 Reviews
Bluestar Flexible Asphalt Crack Filler
  • DIY - Fast & Easy To Apply - No Special Tools Needed

Aside from the top picks, let’s introduce you with the crack filler, which is most likely effective on driveways. The reason we consider it and bring it forth to you is that it is easy to apply. The nozzle fits on the surface without any tools again; you won’t wear hand-gloves for safety.

As a crack filler, it has some falters compared to the above mentioned top 3. It is true to the performance on cold weather, but won’t give excess support on sunny-hot temperature. If your Asphalt driveway isn’t susceptible to the hotness above 50F, then it will match to survive.

If you don’t need to have the silver bullet for your smooth driveway, then it feeds well to the minor crack filling task. Lastly, keep in mind the tiny pothole takes one hour to dry, but the larger one takes the whole day.

5. Other Consideration: Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

Some of us don’t expect to have an asphalt crack sealer for the entire tough sealing work. A mid-range emulsifying agent will do the rest when the pavement has a good condition. Here is why you may not discern between the top-rated sealing performance and what Henry company derives from this one.

It will solve any minor problems of cracked Asphalt driveways and leaves lucrative black finish on the surface, most likely to Black Jack. The little wound on the concrete driveway is manageable with a mid-range driveway filler. So, unlike the best concrete sealer, it falters in the ultimate contraction and expansion at variable temperature. However, it pours well from the lid, and the elastic rubber substance fills cracks about 1/4″.

The spreading across the cracky areas is not top-notch but manageable yet. Instead of spending more bucks on high-end driveway filler, you may get your hands on a brush and skim it off. Once done, the first coating, later on, the second bead will adhere to the surface more aggravatedly.

However, coal tar emulsion and oil-based sealers are harmful; that is why they are not recommended on the first hand.

Why Is Sealing A Driveway Necessary?

Ironically, the best way of Judging the quality of driveway sealers is to see whether your sealer copes up with temp or freezing thaw cycles after what number of consecutive years. The hardest deal of a quality sealer is to repel water and permeate water underneath the soil surface.

By causing this to the heavy-traffic roads in the USA, it amazingly prevents cracks, reduces overall corrosion and kicks off the dirt and oily spills. As a result, when you find the best bait under the bucks, it will increase the life-span of the concrete surface.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer?

Some customer reviews say their sealer fix the wear and tear, and some claim it has many issues. Well, before digging deep into the right bait, make sure of the current state of your Asphalt driveway.

That being said, a good sealer proposition is to take care of your pavement based on its current state. If it is fresh and fine with no pitfalls, the sealer will serve at its maximum service. On the flip side, the sealer only adds the next summer to the struggling driveway.

Ability to Penetrate

The first and foremost thing to consider is to see whether it is porous or not. The more porous, the more it will penetrate inside the driveway and deters the foreign object to soak up or rut up the concrete layer.

Crack Sealing

After penetration ability, a very notable feature is the crack sealing ability. Keep in mind; not all asphalt sealers come with this protection. Having this feature means you won’t go through any prep work with your driveway, and on vice-versa; a sealer with prep requires your driveway to clean, to fill the holes and even heat it as well.

High Contrast in Color

If you get to see the road is visible from your door, you bang on the great sealer. Besides, it must have the insane ability to visualize between the road markers and the pavement. This is why most Americans love this coating among many sealers.

Seal Hot and Cold Patches

Asphalt sealer has great sealing ability to patch the areas in a uniform way. With hot patch Asphalt, you may expect the curation of holes for six months. However, cold patches last shorter even with the small cracks beneath of it due to the consistent snowfall and so on, water constantly weakens the sealant.


Asphalt roads have more cost-effectiveness since it spreads the sealer quickly, and the operating cost is lesser than its competitors. Therefore, this great feature of this kind of sealer is often overlooked, which offers low maintenance costs and ensures perpetual pavement. Who doesn’t want to see the road to uniform in good shape and stay for years? Here is why this sealant comes and wins many of us.

How to Apply A Driveway Sealant?

If you are new in the job of applying the sealer to a Driveway, you only need to perform a few simple steps to do it. Let’s figure out how you will finish the entire task.

Prep Your Sealer Can: The night before the day you will apply the sealer, make sure you fold the lid of the can at a downward position. Therefore, the blend of it will pass through the can easily.

Get Your Hands on Handy Tools: These two hand tools will get the job done and make it a lot easier indeed. Aside from them, you may bring on a trimer and a blower as well.

Clean Your Asphalt Driveway: If you want to edge on the seal coating, there is no way to escape cleaning the driveway thoroughly and carefully. To do so, you may get to see variable stuff to kick off. It would be grass to clip using a trimmer, or it would be grease to degrease applying a pressure washer.

Apply the sealer Finally: Now on, open the bucket and start sealing from one side to another of your pavement. Here you will need to have a wide broom, driveway squeegee tool in order to spread out the shaky layer. Every time you pour the wet sealer, make sure to strip across the driveway, maintaining a 6-inch of width. The fast coating may falter the entire session, so don’t hasten it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is latex driveway sealer any good?

The latex driveway sealer is dense enough to make camouflage across the crack’s lines. Therefore, it brings a good looking texture and seems durable on any non-skid surface. Here is why it possibly lasts for up to five years.

What is the difference between asphalt and blacktop?

Asphalt and blacktop come from the two branches of sealer from the same root. The major edge on the blacktop is with its more crushed rocks and the amount of sand. On the flip side, Asphalt has profoundness with bitumen or petroleum oil substance.

Is an oil-based driveway sealer better?

An oil-based driveway sealer is better to repair the cracks over time. Since it is porous and goes inside the soil and overlaps it, so it deters water effectively. Hence, hard rainfall or snow won’t affect the pavement.

How often should you seal your driveway?

It is variable in many circumstances. Especially, you need to inspect the pavement first. As bad pavement lasts less with sealer when we find least granular or bad gravel work. More or less, it is effective to use a sealer after two years.

How much does it cost to seal a driveway?
For example, if your pavement is a thousand square ft, then the affordable can of sealer will cost $20 pounds and requires 5 of them. On average, you will need to spend $100 in this regard.

What is the best type of blacktop sealer?

Coal tar emulsion is the best type of blacktop sealer that you can buy in 2020.


The harsh climate pushes us to seal the buckling pavement filled with many potholes. The more the number of thaw cycles will come around each year, the more vulnerable the driveway, resulting in applying sealer to get it fixed right away.

So, don’t remember the last time you did coating rather sort out the issues that caused it to happen. Besides, comparing one driveway to another is futile since every driveway has different aspects. Hopefully, our recommendation from the best Asphalt driveway sealer reviews will help you to opt for the right choice.