Who Makes Echo Chainsaws? [Everythings You Need to Know]

Echo has a reputation for selling the most ground-breaking chainsaws out there. Besides, they have a wide range of variety for you to pick from. Again, choosing the perfect saw for your workload can be really confusing. So, we’ll help you out by reviewing some of their best-selling slicing tools.

Scroll down to learn about who makes echo chainsaws, their history, and craftsmanship so that you can decide if you can trust them with your tool or not.

What Is The Echo Chainsaw Model History?

The company started by creating small farming tools after World War 2 when increasing food production was a national priority. So, they started developing manual dusters for spreading pesticides over crops.

In 1947 the main motto of Kyoritsu Nohki Kabushikikaisha Company became finding ways to support people. During that time, flea and lice infestation was causing great damage to the crops in Japan. Their newly developed FD-1 eradicated those pests and became the bestselling product all over the country. Their products were immensely loved and rewarded by national awards since then.

Do you know who developed the world’s first backpack chemical blower? The Kyoritsu Nohki Kabushikikaisha Company. As sales increased and they grew stronger, they started to produce their engine system. This expanded their skill-set vividly in engine production, development, and field-testing.

The first ever ECHO chainsaw; the CS-80 was released in 1963. The name “ECHO” was taken from the Greek mythology. It was the name of a woodland fairy who was born from the elements of air and earth.

Their CS-802 initialized the use of anti-vibration technology. Since then, their chainsaws became extremely successful worldwide for its powerful engine and longevity.

Are Echo Chainsaws Any Good?

Echo Chainsaws have an amazing build and finish with a high-performance engine for slicing supremacy. From branch trimming to heavy-duty cut work, they can do it all easily. It’s go-to equipment not just for homeowner’s backyard cleaning but also for professional purposes.

They were the first to introduce the low kickback bar to the world for reducing vibration while cutting. Echo power equipment has been in the timber industry for 75 years.  Their widely available parts are made to last.

So, if you’re looking for a saw that can trim, prune and cut, go for the Echo chainsaws. They’re easy to operate, light-weight, and dependable, which makes them beginner-friendly too.

They’ve beaten Husqvarna by ensuring more warranty in their products. The consumer warranty is for 5 years whereas the commercial warranty is for 2 years.

Who Makes Echo Chainsaws?

Now coming back to the question, who makes echo brand chainsaws? The former Japanese outdoor power tool manufacturer Kyoritsu Nohki Kabushikikaisha is currently known as Kioritz Corporation of Japan.

In 1972, the brand came to Northbrook, Illinois, USA, as Kioritz Corporation of America. They were basically importer of high-performance 2-stroke engine and handheld products made by their company in Japan.

In 1979 they changed their focus to engineering, and shortly after that, their product offerings expanded. They started to provide chain saws, grass, and hedge trimmers, backpack, and hand-held blowers, etc.

Today the company sells its premium power tool America through its extensive dealer network. In North America, they have 10 distributors managing 6600 independent dealers. You can find the Echo products in Home Depot stores in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

About The Echo Chainsaw Manufacturer

Echo Incorporated has been a leader in developing quality products for more than half of a century. Their outdoor power equipment are known for top-notch performance, reliability, and durability.

The Kyoritsu Nohki Kabushikikaisha company started by building farming instrument after World War II to increase food production. They invented the first backpack mistblower to spread liquid chemical pesticides more conveniently and evenly.

Since then, their company has continued to work hard and support people by providing tools to enhance their farming experience. In 1948, their developed power duster played a significant role in getting rid of pests, which was then a major crisis.

From then on, their products were widely trusted and greatly rewarded in the country. They bagged some prestigious awards like the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Prize (1983), Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (1957), National Invention Award, etc.

In 1963, they released the first Echo name featuring chainsaw, which was known as CS-80. They were the leading brand to invent an anti-vibration system in chainsaw. This reduced the amount of vibration transferred from the engine to the user’s hand and made them super easy to maneuver.

In 1965, their CS-60S featured a robust solid construction with a powerful 61.5 cc engine. Two years later, they released a modified version of it, which achieved enormous success around the world.

Then in 1972, they arrived in North America as Kioritz Corporation of America. Since then, they have expanded their size and dealer network. The Echo campus now includes manufacturing and warehouse facility of more than 588000 sq. feet.

They affiliated with the Home Depot in 1994 as a provider of professional-grade quality power tools for the homeowners.

With the rich heritage, technological advancement, extensive dealer network, and user need recognition, Echo becomes a leading brand for premium equipment.

Where Are Echo Chainsaws Made?

The chainsaws are manufactured by Echo Incorporated, which is a subsidiary of Yamabiko Corporation. The Japan-based company, Kioritz Corporation, is the one who owns echo chainsaws. They founded their branch in North America in 1974. Since then, most of their saws are made in the USA using native and foreign parts.

So the brand has maintained a strong foothold in the market by delivering the ground-breaking product. They’re exceptionally engineered for ease of use and run well for a long time.

What Are The Best Echo Chainsaws?

With their wide variety of brilliant chainsaws, it’s easy to get confused about which one to get. Well, that fully depends on your workload.

Here are some honest Echo chainsaw reviews to help you with the shortlisting of your choice.

1. ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf 59.8 cc Gas

This saw comes with a high-performance 59.8 cc 2-stroke engine of 3.9 hp. It saves you from the hassle of priming with its auto oiling feature. The premium 20″ bar can cut through anything you came across.

With its high capacity fuel tank of 21.8 oz, you can work for a long time without refilling. The anti-vibration handle will make it easy to control and operate. Perfect for even professional purpose or heavy-duty cutwork.

2. Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw

The tool delivers an exceptional performance with its 40.2cc engine and 18″ bar & chain. It comes fully assembled, which is another plus point too.

Again to reduce starting effort, it’s designed with the easy start technology. It has a heavy-duty air filter to increase engine life. The side-access chain tensioner helps to quickly and easily adjust. The automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated during the entire cutting process. So if you’re looking for a go-to tool to cut, trim, prune, and occasional heavy-duty, go for this one.

3. ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

This is another amazingly engineered product from Echo with a powerful 26.9 cc engine and 12″ bar. The anti-vibration handle reduces kickback while cutting.

Bar and chain friendly auto-oiler lubricates them for smooth cuts. The fuel tank capacity is 8.1 oz, so it’s a perfect tool for the medium workload.

Final Words

Hope we have got you covered on who makes echo chainsaws, their brand reputation, and customer satisfaction. They are known for their premium quality product with long-lasting performance. So, you can trust them for your backyard cleaning, gardening, or DIY projects. With the help of our reviews, pick the saw that fits your needs and never regret it. Happy slicing!